Hero Bash is an epic fun party MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game for iOS devices!  Teams of legendary heroes battle in an arena, participating in real-time PvP, real-time Co-op or Solo action.  Innate heroic abilities and secret presents are used to provide nearly endless strategic decisions on the battlefield.  Heroes who demonstrate greatness in battle acquire little blue fans.  Those fans, and the excitement they hold, are the key to winning.
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Hero Bash is easy to play! Choose a hero. Find exciting presents. Impress some fans. Defeat your foes!
Mighty Heroes:
Thorny Dr Biceps Jelly Ice Pixie Taffy Baha Cosmo
Current hero's bio image

Thorny & Dr Biceps have a conversation.  Thorny: We're here to tell you all about this great new Party MOBA called Hero Bash!  Dr Biceps: What's a Party Moba?  Thorny: It's a game where you get a bunch of heroes together.  Dr Bicpes:  Gulp!  I'm in the back?!?  Thorny: Then we bring a bunch of presents.  Dr Biceps: Presents!  I love presents!  Thorny: Presents give you one time special moves.  Just watch out for whammies.  Dr Biceps: I want the fans to love me!  Thorny: Then you take sides and battle for the love of these fans!  Dr Biceps: But why are we doing this?  Multiple Heroes: To be the best in the world!